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Registered headquarters of MARINTEK is in Chennai.

Chennai, located in the south east part of India has a large pool of engineering talent available and is active in the ship design and offshore engineering areas. Chennai is an ideal location as the city boasts of a number of world class institutions offering Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering courses . Also, Chennai is a centre for a large number of world leading marine and offshore design firms. Chennai is very well connected to all major international destinations by air from Chennai international airport.

MARINTEK, Vishakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, located in the southeast part of India boasts of a number of maritime experts and ample trained manpower resources. Visakhapatanam is a fast developing city which is connected by air to all metro cities in India . Currently all services are offered from the Visakhapatnam office. We are a team of senior Naval Architects and senior engineers with high design skills and significant professional experience. All engineering staff employed are having previous shipyard experience and are professionally qualified .