About Us

Key Personnel:

V P Kumar

A Naval Architect from Indian Institute of Technology with over 41 years of basic design and production engineering experience in the ship building industry, Kumar is the Technical Director of the company.

Ajit S Mallaya

A Chartered Accountant with 32 years of experience in Financial & Operations Management, Ajit is the Financial Advisor to the company.

Sanjit Biswas

An Engineer with a post graduate qualification from the Indian Institute of Management, Sanjit has worked in the engineering services industry with global companies across USA, Europe, SE Asia and South Asia. Sanjit heads the Business Development function of the company.

Vivek Dilip

An Engineer specialising in business management, Vivek brings in a global business perspective having worked with clients in USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and SE Asia. He heads the commercial team of the company.

D.Sridhar Rao

A mechanical engineer with an extensive experience of 38 years in Marine Industry. He has held senior positions in Ship design /Ship building industry in Hindustan Shipyards Ltd.

Kavali Ramachandra

: A Principal Outfitting engineer with over 37 years of experience in outfit designs.

T.V.L.M Prasad

A Principal piping engineer with over 36 years of experience. He heads the piping department.

V.Sai Baba

A Principal Engineer in machinery with over 36 years of experience. He has working experience in the preparation on Cost estimation of Engine Room Equipment/Systems, pipes, and valves for various new projects.

P.Krishna Rao

A Principal electrical engineer with over 38 years experience. He has been involved in Marine Electrical Designs of different kinds of ships from Drill Ship / Passenger ships to Bulkers / Small crafts.


In addition to the technical strength from within, MARINETEK draws on specialised skills from solution partners. We have established strong links with a number of specialised consultants and companies to undertake jobs requiring such experience and knowledge.



Registered headquarters of MARINTEK is in Chennai.

Chennai, located in the south east part of India has a large pool of engineering talent available and is active in the ship design and offshore engineering areas. Chennai is an ideal location as the city boasts of a number of world class institutions offering Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering courses . Also, Chennai is a centre for a large number of world leading marine and offshore design firms. Chennai is very well connected to all major international destinations by air from Chennai international airport.

MARINTEK, Vishakhapatnam

Currently, all services are offered from the Vishakhapatnam office. The operations are managed by a very experienced team of Naval Architects and Discipline specialists with more than 40 years of design experience. Similarly, all engineering staff employed are having previous shipyard experience and are professionally well qualified.